American Authors: Oh, what a life


If you have ever played Fifa 2014 then you will be unknowingly familiar with this band. American Authors are an indie rock band who are based in the bright lights of New York city. The band is fairly new to scene popularity wise, I mean the only reason I stumbled across this band was through googling the lyrics to ‘Best day of my life’. I wanted to find out who sang this unbelievably catchy song, Imagine Dragons was my first guess but I was wrong. Im glad I found this band, if you’re ever in a rubbish mood or feel bad, this is a great mood changer.. Continue reading


Pharrell: G I R L


Pharrell Williams was probably one of the most successful individuals of the past year. Get lucky is what kicked off Pharrell’s return to the industry, and what a return it has been. Pharrell has popped up everywhere, featuring on Jay-z’s album and Robin Thicke just to name a couple. Blurred lines and Get lucky are probably two of 2013’s biggest tracks. What can Pharrell produce on his own though?

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Childish Gambino: Because the internet


I have always enjoyed listening to rap, and Childish Gambino is lyrically one of the best with relatable topics and quirky lines. Whether or not he could keep this up for a full album is another story…

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Queens of the stone age: …like clockwork


Yes okay i’m late to jump on the band wagon in reviewing this album but it is definitely one of 2013’s greats. The striking rhythm and drum beat on this album are second to none, this is well contrasted to the slower paced songs… Continue reading

Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull


2013 was a great year for music from the techno of Daft Punk to the screeching sounds from Queens of the stone age. Kings of Leon’s Mechanical bull is a stand out album from last year and is heavily underrated… Continue reading

Foster the people: Supermodel


In 2011 Foster the people released their first album torches, the tempo was fast and uplifting for anyones mood. I still listen to torches and would easily class it as one of my favourite albums purely for the mood it brings. With this, I highly anticipated the second installment of what I hope is more of the same catchy riffs and strong verses. So.. Continue reading