Neon Trees: Pop psychology

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Neon trees have always produced fun and joyful songs throughout their career. This the third studio album proves to be no different. Although this album is filled with many dancey songs it relates heavily to teenage life, young relationships and emotions feature heavily in this album.

The five catchiest songs on this album are “Text Me In The Morning,” “Teenager In Love,” and the two hit singles, “Sleeping With A Friend” and “I Love You (But I Hate Your Friends).” Not only are these well composed songs but keep a steady beat throughout. Furthermore, these tracks humorously contrasts with some of the dark, lonely lyric such as, “I was socially absurd, but who cares?”, “I never would choose to live the way I do but I do”. The record takes a more emotional and dark turn with the next three songs, “Voices In The Halls” “Foolish Behavior” and “Unavoidable,.”

“Voices In The Halls” Perfectly illustrates going through a breakup with the loneliness emphasised greatly, this is incredibly detailed and deep in comparison to the previous track which provokes one night stands. The last two tracks are easily the most personal on the album; “living in another world” describes how the lead singer feels that he doesn’t fit in with society. With lyrics like “I guess I’ve always been this way, It’s been hard for me to say .Close my eyes, it’ll go away” it perfectly sums up how he is feeling.  In the same general theme “First things first” advises listeners to find somewhere that you find comfortable while always being yourself, I thought this was a nice touch.

Conclusion: As a whole, “Pop Psychology” is definitely an album worth listening too. With catchy beats yet lonely and dark lyrics. The album becomes personal to the band members which makes the lyrics solidly felt. Other lyrics comment on the emotions and relationships of the youth of today, which in turn makes this album incredibly relatable to a younger audience.

Rating: 7.5/10


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