Paolo Nutini: Caustic Love


Paolo is back! Caustic love is Paolo’s third album and so far his albums have only got better, will this new album deliver the same funky sounds from previous years? Firstly the instrumental range on this album is brilliant with variations between tracks filled with catchy trumpets, and others flowing with guitar rifts to then follow onto a track with classic piano..

Caustic love is a very unique sounding album, changes in speed and tone make the LP a great difference to every other artist at the current time. This combined with the epicness of gradually building a track from being slow, to then be blown out the water with a full brass band coming in half way through, makes this album awesome. This especially applies in the tracks ‘Better man’ and ‘iron sky’.One of the best parts of this album is the added monologue from the 1940’s film “The great dictator”, this followed by the roar of Paolo’s voice creates a great track (Iron sky)  . ‘Candy’ has always been my favourite Paolo track, with ‘Caustic love’  I hoped for more tracks like this, and this album certainly delivers with slow songs based around love drilled into this album. Love is very much the theme of this album, but I guess you probably got that from the title. Loving ballads is what Paolo can produce best, this album does not really feature many fast upbeat songs such like ‘Pencil full of lead’. This could be frowned upon but in my opinion Paolo is definitely better at his slow songs. Saying this ‘Cherry Blossom’ is super catchy with fast paced rhythm and certainly produced for his festival appearances later this year, this song screams warm cider and sunshine.

Conclusion: This is easily one of the best albums I have heard this year so far. His lyrics are meaningful and relatable as usual, the slow songs are brilliant with great instrumental variation. I think many people will probably dislike this album for the lack of fast paced songs, however the ones he has recorded on this album are great too. Love was the theme and love is what he has produced, this album is simply feel good music.

Rating 8.5/10


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