The Neighbourhood: I love you


This album has been out since April 23rd 2013, their music has only been recognised recently though. ‘Sweater Weather’ was the debut track that was released from this album, I heard this song everywhere and loved it! with this I had to listen to the rest of the album to see if it’s as catchy throughout. This band seem to remind me of ‘The XX’ with the slow sounds and rhythm..

The first thing that crosses my mind when listening to this album is the tone of the entire record is the atmospheric sound. It has a very dark tone throughout but this crossed with the catchy verses and hooks of the tracks makes for a unique listen. It’s a pleasant change to hear music which is different. The lyrics have meaning and become memorable and is a really good listen. The drummer from ‘The Neighbourhood’ has left to pursue a solo career, however I hope that this band stay around. I feel that to improve, the band would have to release more songs like ‘Sweater Weather’ but thats my opinion.

Conclusion: In conclusion this band and album are both pretty average, with nothing really standing out and a one hit wonder definitely on the cards at this current time. I hope this band do progress and produce something a little more upbeat but it’s worth a listen.

Rating 5/10


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