Kid Cudi: satellite flight the journey to mother moon


Kid cudi has never really stood out to me, with pursuit of happiness being my personal favourite song of his. I thought I would give his latest album a listen too. With Kid cudi featuring heavily on various others albums, I wanted to see what he could produce on his own this year. I did not expect great things for this album but have heard many good things about this album so..

SPACE! the hint was really in the name of the album ‘satellite flight the journey to mother moon’. This album seems to be filled with tracks that consist of purely instrumentals, on first playthrough I wasn’t even sure Kid cudi was going to even sing on this album. These long instrumentals of ‘spacey music’ make for a pretty boring listen, these songs just need skipping. I understand that the theme of the album is space but it gets incredibly repetitive. When Kid actually pipes up in this album it’s slow and very calming, but the whole album has this theme to it. The best track on the album is easily ‘Too bad I have to destroy you now’ it’s sticks to the same generalised theme but has quite a catchy chorus, a heavy beat is also added part way through. No track on this album stands out to me, it tells a story yes but is really nothing special. What I can say though is that the music is very chilling, a pet hate of mine is listening to a relaxing album to then jump at a loud next track, this album however stays relaxing throughout.

Conclusion: This album was a classic case of over hype, lots of people were excited by this album. If it was a follow up from ‘pursuit of happiness’ then I to would be a massive fan of this album, the instrumentals last to long in this album however it could be a good listen if you want to chill on your own.

Rating 5/10


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