The 1975: The 1975


After several EP’s and many singles later, The 1975 finally released a debut album. With over 200 plays on each track in my Itunes library you could say this album is slightly catchy. I was sceptical the first time I listened to this album, this was because the catchiness and perfect rhythms of ‘chocolate’ would be hard to keep up throughout a full LP. Matty Healy and co pull off a well written and relatable lyrics, this is mixed with great variety in backing tracks and vocals. 2013 was a very successful year for this band…

I was interested in this band from the start, with late night plays on the radio to putting their new EP’s on my ipod. Introducing this band to friends made clear how big this band is going to become, everyone has the same conclusion of great music with hooks that stick in your head like glue. Older generations could listen to this album and find it jolly and fun, however this album is definitely made for the younger generation from 16-30. The lyrics are perfectly relatable, this album could be the soundtrack to any young persons life and this is what makes this record stand out. The variety between fast paced tracks with solid rhythm and slower more meaningful songs make for a great album, one that you can simply play at any time and for any mood. The only fault I could pick in this album is that it could be longer, but if this is your issue and you don’t own the EP’s, buy the deluxe edition which comes with 12 extra tracks from their previous work. Over everything though the best part about this album is the amount of people that can easily pick up the lyrics and sing along, making for great moments with everybody singing along.

Conclusion: This album can be for anyone, everybody who listens to this album seems to enjoy it and can’t flaw it. Every single this band has released has been successful with their popularity growing fast. With Big appearances at many UK festivals this band is only going to get bigger, personally I cannot wait to see what this band produces next.

Rating: 9.5/10


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