Metronomy: Love letters


After not releasing a single for quite a while since their album ‘The English Riviera’ Metronomy have returned. If you are fed up of hearing the same sounding strong guitar riffs and catchy beats of various indie bands, then Metronomy are a band you want to be listening to. The unique sound of this band makes for an enjoyable listen if you personally fancy a change, English Riviera was great for this and I hope for much of the same with this album…

I enjoy variety in the music I listen to, and usually Metronomy are a band that can deliver this. I feel with this album the next song will sound very similar to the previous one, if you want to sit around relax and listen to some calming music then this album is perfect. It’s bordering on The XX’s scale of calming music, this is not a bad thing. Unless you are wanting songs to get up and dance to, in this case you are going to have to play a different album. What I don’t like about this album is that because of it’s slow pace, it can come across quite depressing. A song about things getting better definitely needs to be upbeat,  not droney dark sounding music which in fairness does get slightly faster near the end, but only if you make it that far. ‘The upsetting’ is a great opening track and really set the mood for the album, is actually one of the happier songs on this particular album. I am glad Metronomy haven’t sold out and produced every song on this album the same as ‘The look’ which was a big hit, I genuinely thought this album was going to be filled of songs in that replicated style. Instead Metronomy have produced a good album, which is perfect for playing in the background or just relaxing in general.

Conclusion: Love letters surprised me in the fact that they did not completely copy their previous albums beats and sounds, I am happy about this but still would of prefered something more fun to listen to. They still have the unique sounds and experimental instruments but this is what makes this band brilliant. I will happily listen to this album on a regular basis, but only if I want to relax and let the world pass by.

Rating 7.5/10


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