American Authors: Oh, what a life


If you have ever played Fifa 2014 then you will be unknowingly familiar with this band. American Authors are an indie rock band who are based in the bright lights of New York city. The band is fairly new to scene popularity wise, I mean the only reason I stumbled across this band was through googling the lyrics to ‘Best day of my life’. I wanted to find out who sang this unbelievably catchy song, Imagine Dragons was my first guess but I was wrong. Im glad I found this band, if you’re ever in a rubbish mood or feel bad, this is a great mood changer..

If I was going to sum up American Authors in one word it would probably be generic. They have got the formulae for lovable catchy indie band down to perfection, and to say they haven’t been around that long makes it a pretty impressive feat. Listening to half of the album just made me think other bands had of produced them. We the kings, Imagine Dragons, M83 just to name a few are all bands that remind me of what American Authors sound like. This doesn’t make the album less of a good album, could simply just use some originality. I see why this band has made the type of music they have, people love it. It’s simply just feel good music, nothing too deep and nothing to lyrically challenging for anyone to sing. I found myself singing ‘Hooo hooo’ all the way through ‘Best day of my life’ and happily enjoyed it. Some songs on this album do sound the same as others, a bit of variety is needed amongst this band. This album is great for a sunny day and just makes you feel jolly, it might even brighten your day.

Conclusion: I can’t grumble at this album, there’s nothing wrong with it. The songs are irritatingly catchy, the music would appeal to anyone. Its light hearted music through all 12 tracks, a bit of variety would of been nice but they are new to the music scene. Im sure in the near future this band will produce some awesome songs with hopefully a different beat, but for now i’m happy I gave this album a chance because it brightened my day, hopefully it will brighten yours.

Rating: 7/10


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