Pharrell: G I R L


Pharrell Williams was probably one of the most successful individuals of the past year. Get lucky is what kicked off Pharrell’s return to the industry, and what a return it has been. Pharrell has popped up everywhere, featuring on Jay-z’s album and Robin Thicke just to name a couple. Blurred lines and Get lucky are probably two of 2013’s biggest tracks. What can Pharrell produce on his own though?

So the first track ‘Marilyn Monroe’ instantly starts of the constant theme of the album which is just catchy hits. If you wanted a mad flow off the hook rapper then Pharrell is not your man, but if you want catchy, bubbly and alive music then this album is what you need to be listening to. Every track has a steady backing track with solid beats, these make your head uncontrollably bob along. This album is just simply a joy to listen to, no its not lyrically amazing and there’s nothing special instrumentally but you can’t help putting tracks on repeat because of the purely catchy rhythm. This album has got various artists helping out throughout, with Justin Timberlake coming in on the second track. This song is good but definitely feels more like a Justin song compared to something Pharrell has written. The other artists that feature on this album are Miley Cyrus, Alicia Keys and of course Daft Punk. All these artists add their own touch to the album with Daft Punk giving of a techno theme, and Alicia producing some high vocals. Miley Cyrus actually lets the album down, the song she features on is no where near as good as the others, the backing beat isn’t as strong and feels and sounds repetitive throughout. A few tracks on the album do suffer from over repetition but this only leaves them stuck in your head.

Conclusion: I hope Pharrell is here to stay, he wasn’t originally coming back to produce an album but the popularity of ‘Get lucky’ and the others convinced him to return. I am glad he’s back, he produces some of the most annoyingly catchy songs but this is not a bad thing. A club could be dead but with one play of ‘Happy’ a dance floor is filled with all ages clapping along to this family friendly tune. As repetitive as this album is it’s going to be popular because its for everyone. A 10 year old could listen to this album and happily dance around, really is a joyful listen.

Rating:  7/10


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