Childish Gambino: Because the internet


I have always enjoyed listening to rap, and Childish Gambino is lyrically one of the best with relatable topics and quirky lines. Whether or not he could keep this up for a full album is another story…

Firstly a lot of respect goes out to someone that can fit the word onomatopoeia into a song, and as I said at the start Childish Gambino is great at stringing lyrics together. This is only when he gets into the flow though, and in this album he doesn’t really do that often. I had high expectations going into this album, 3005 is by far the best track on this album and I had listened to this track loads before the full album was released. It was a perfect track release; it definitely tricked me into believing this album was going to be awesome. But it simply isn’t, I find myself starting to get into a song to then be abruptly interrupted by a random noise of a car boot closing. This was annoying because the song would then swerve off into a completely different beat and direction, Frank ocean pulls this off really well in ‘channel orange’ but Childish really hasn’t grasped it yet. There are some tracks on this album I do like ‘pink toes’ and ‘flight of the navigator’ these songs are not terribly broken up like some of the others and really do capture Gambino at his best, more of this is needed throughout the album. The collaboration with Macklemore on one of the tracks is also a nice change to random sounds of his other tracks. I still think Childish Gambino needs time to find his particular style and perfect flow, I love his lyrics it’s just the way he presents them that he struggles with. I cannot wait for this guys future, I know he’s going to become big and is getting there slowly but for now, listen to this album but be prepared to hover the skip button on some of the tracks.
Conclusion: Gambino has got some good tracks here, with 3005 being stupidly catchy. I would happily recommend listening to Childish especially if your a fan of Frank Ocean, this album is okay and just okay. Has some catchy beats and good flows but nothing special.

Rating 5.5/10


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