Queens of the stone age: …like clockwork


Yes okay i’m late to jump on the band wagon in reviewing this album but it is definitely one of 2013’s greats. The striking rhythm and drum beat on this album are second to none, this is well contrasted to the slower paced songs…When someone told me they were excited about this album I was sceptical to say the least, Qotsa have never really appealed to me. Could appreciate the lyrics but have never really enjoyed the ‘heavy rock’ scene. I read that this album was partially written with Alex turner and with being such a fan of all his work I simply had to give it a listen. I am so glad I gave this album a chance, I love it! At first I wasn’t sure but after a few plays of the tracks they soon begin to grow; the guitar on this album is amazing you can clearly tell that this band has been doing this for a while and have become masters of the art. One song in particular (the vampyre of time and memory) is a pleasant change from the constant guitar driven songs. Another song like this is kalopsia, however this track is mixed with gritty guitar riffs and produces one of my favourite tracks on the album. Alex turners influence on this album is very much prominent and is a great addition, this album channels ‘R U Mine’. In my other reviews I would normally by this point be saying two tracks that I enjoy listening too, in this case however I won’t because I genuinely think every track is equally as good as the next.

Conclusion: To sum up, I am entirely converted to Queens of the Stone Age, I have listened to some of their previous albums but I personally feel they are not even close to this. There isn’t a track on this album I can say I don’t like, I am definitely excited to see what else this band is going to bring but I do really love this album.

Rating 8.5/10


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