Kings of Leon: Mechanical Bull


2013 was a great year for music from the techno of Daft Punk to the screeching sounds from Queens of the stone age. Kings of Leon’s Mechanical bull is a stand out album from last year and is heavily underrated…Kings of Leon have always been an average band with songs like ‘fans’ and ‘sex on fire’ becoming very popular with various generations, don’t get me wrong I liked these songs but they never really caught me. Mechanical bull however is a game changer there is not a single bad song on this album, every track has memorable verses with meaning, each song will happily stroll into the next keeping the theme of strong drums and even better guitar rhythm. This album makes me want to pick up my guitar and have a jam with my friends, hoping to come up with something as genius as this album. As hard as it is I could pick two favourites from this album, firstly ‘family tree’ is one of the catchiest songs I have ever listened to, this song had me singing it’s chorus for weeks on end with friends getting involved at any point, this needs to be released. My second favourite track would have to be ‘comeback story’. It’s different and in a good way, anyone could easily walk along and listen to this and instantly feel a sense of ease, the lyrics are brilliant and are mixed perfectly with the instruments.

Conclusion: I could go on about this album for hours but I feel that would be a boring read. The fact of the matter is this album is indeed perfect, it really does not happen when I find an album this good. literally the only downfall is that the bonus tracks are so good that you would be disappointed missing them with the standard edition.

Rating 9.5/10


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