Foster the people: Supermodel


In 2011 Foster the people released their first album torches, the tempo was fast and uplifting for anyones mood. I still listen to torches and would easily class it as one of my favourite albums purely for the mood it brings. With this, I highly anticipated the second installment of what I hope is more of the same catchy riffs and strong verses. So..

Supermodel instantly has a theme of change, they have grown it has been three years and this is very apparent in the sound of this album. The beats are still catchy but this is only in the songs that have a fast tempo. More of the band itself make vocal appearances which is a nice variant this adds a change from the lead singers high voice, this mixed with new instruments such as trumpets make some songs unforgettable and will have you singing them for hours on end; I for one had the song ‘Nevermind’ trapped in my head for ages as I went about my day. What Foster the people struggle with is slow songs, they do not suit them many bands have this such as The Wombats. However Foster the people try and throw some slow songs into the mix, maybe to mix up the usual fast paced songs but I would of happily preferred another catchy beat compared to the songs ‘Goats in trees’ and ‘Fire escape’ yes the lyrics have meaning but a happier sound is what they are good at. I definitely feel that the second half of this album (8 onwards, deluxe) is significantly weaker than the first part but still a good standard.

CONCLUSION: To sum up Foster the people have very much ‘Still got it’ the album brings back the Santa monica feel that the first album gave. This will be one set of tracks that will be played through the summertime while enjoying the sun, but with this I will be skipping the slow songs because the faster and catchier songs are significantly better.

RATING: 7.5/10


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